Migrating to our New Stripe Integration


Our previous integration Stripe did not fully take advantage of Stripe's features, which meant that some customers were receiving messages similar to this from Stripe:

Sending credit card numbers directly to the Stripe API is generally unsafe. To continue processing use Stripe.js, the Stripe mobile bindings, or Stripe Elements. 

In the past, we had to instruct our customers to change their Stripe account to  Process payments unsafely in order to make Stripe work with CloudSwipe.  This was obviously not ideal, which is why our current integration removes the need to turn on this scary option.

However, if you have already been using Stripe with CloudSwipe for some time, before we updated our integration with them, you can go ahead and  turn off this Process payments unsafely option in your Stripe account after you follow the steps below.

Our New & Improved Stripe Integration

We now have an updated Stripe integration which leverages more of Stripe's features, making it unnecessary to turn on this Process payments unsafely option.

How to Migrate to our New Stripe Integration

Step 1: Find Your Stripe API Keys

First, you'll want to sign into your Stripe account and go to your API settings.  Once there, you should see something called a Publishable key.  Go ahead and copy that to your clipboard.

Step 2: Update Stripe Settings in CloudSwipe

Navigate to the Payment Methods screen in your CloudSwipe account and click on Change Credentials.

You should now see a form field to enter in your Live Publishable Key from Stripe.  Go ahead and paste the Publishable key you copied from Step 1.

Step 3: Disable Process Payments Unsafely Option

Now you can go back to your Stripe account's Business settings > Integration screen and disable the Process payments unsafely option.

That's it!  Now you'll be able to use Stripe with CloudSwipe without having to turn on any special options in Stripe.

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