How to Use Stripe With CloudSwipe

While CloudSwipe does support over 150 payment gateways, we often get asked for recommendations, and we almost always recommend Stripe for their ease of use and affordability for most people.  This is a guide to explain how to set up Stripe to accept payments in your CloudSwipe account.

How much does Stripe Cost?

Stripe has simple pricing for all card types of just 2.9% + 0.30c per transaction.   So, for example, if a customer purchased something from your store and the transaction total was $15.00, the fee that Stripe would charge you would be $0.74 meaning your net revenue for that transaction would be $14.26.

Keep in mind that Stripe does not charge a monthly fee like a lot of other payment gateways, only a transaction fee.  For more information about Stripe's pricing, see their pricing page.

How to Connect Stripe to CloudSwipe

Step 1: Create Stripe Account

The first thing you'll want to do is create an account with Stripe.  It's a pretty simple form to get started which will look something like this:

You'll likely need to fill out a bit more information about your business in order to accept live credit card payments in your Stripe account, such as your bank account information, but this process is usually simple and fast.

Step 2: Find Your Stripe API Keys

Once you have signed up with Stripe and have entered the necessary information to enable "Live Mode", you'll want to look for the API keys in your Stripe account which can be found by clicking the API option in the left menu.

You should see 2 different API keys, named Publishable key and Secret key.  You're going to need both of these for your CloudSwipe account.

Step 3: Copy Stripe Keys to Your CloudSwipe Account

In your CloudSwipe account, navigate to the  Payment Methods screen and then find the Stripe link in the list of supported payment methods.  Click that Stripe link which will then show you a form to enter your Stripe API keys.

Go ahead and copy/paste the API Keys from Step 2 above into the appropriate fields as shown below.  Notice that the Live Publishable Key will always start with pk_live and the Secret Key will start with sk_live.

Click Save and now your CloudSwipe account is configured to use Stripe for accepting live credit card payments!

Already Using Stripe With CloudSwipe?

Our previous integration Stripe did not fully take advantage of Stripe's features, which meant that some customers were receiving messages similar to this from Stripe:

Sending credit card numbers directly to the Stripe API is generally unsafe. To continue processing use Stripe.js, the Stripe mobile bindings, or Stripe Elements.

In the past, we had to instruct our customers to change their Stripe account to Process payments unsafely in order to make Stripe work with CloudSwipe.  This was obviously not ideal, which is why our current integration removes the need to turn on this scary option.

However, if you have already been using Stripe with CloudSwipe for some time, before we updated our integration with them, you can go ahead and turn off this Process payments unsafely option in your Stripe account after you follow the steps above to copy both your Publishable key and Secret key into your CloudSwipe settings.

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