Getting Started With Thirty Bees

Installing and Configuring CloudSwipe Payments In Thirty Bees

Once you have installed the CloudSwipe Payments module, the only thing you need to do to configure the module is enter the  secret key from your CloudSwipe account. 

Getting Your CloudSwipe Secret Key

The  secret key is on the Keys screen in your CloudSwipe dashboard.  Sign in to your CloudSwipe account at

If this is your first time signing in to CloudSwipe, you will see a screen like this.

Navigate to the Keys screen

Copy the secret key to your clipboard by clicking the copy icon.

Now that you have the secret key copied, paste it into your Thirty Bees dashboard and save the settings.

Now the CloudSwipe Payments module is installed and configured. The next step is to tell your CloudSwipe account where your Thirty Bees site is.

Connecting CloudSwipe To Thirty Bees

CloudSwipe needs to be able to communicate back and forth with your Thirty Bees site so you need to  connect your website to CloudSwipe. Click the connect your website button in your CloudSwipe dashboard.

Enter the URL for your website. This is just the domain name that should link to the homepage of your Thirty Bees website. Also, select Thirty Bees as the integration you are using.

After providing those two values, clickthe Connect Your Website button.

Next, you will be able to provide a couple store settings.

Store Name: This is the name of your business which you can have appear on your checkout page.

Subdomain: This is the first part of the URL for your secure hosted payment page. You'll probably want to use something similar to your store name. For example, if your store name is Quiet Headphones you might want your subdomain to be quietheadphones so that your checkout page would be located at

Your Payment Page Theme

Now that your Thirty Bees site is connected to your CloudSwipe account, you can design how you want your hosted payment page to look. You can choose from over a dozen available themes or you can use your own Thirty Bees theme. 

To use one of the  Available Themes simply click the Activate button for the theme you'd like to use. The provided themes offer clean, responsive, layouts that optimize conversion rates by reducing distractions allowing your customers to focus on completing their purchases. We have provided a wide range of color combinations to pick from so you can very closely match the colors on your website. You can further customize the available themes with your Store Name and Company Logo.

If you would like your secure hosted payment page to look EXACTLY like your Thirty Bees site, you can choose Your Own Theme.

Once you have activated Your Own Theme, you can clone the design of your Thirty Bees site for your secure hosted payment page. To begin, click the  Create New Clone button.

It may take a couple minutes for the clone to complete because CloudSwipe is downloading all the styles and images from your Thirty Bees website.  When the clone has completed, you will receive an email notification and you will see the successfully completed clone in your Clone History

Once your clone has completed, you can preview it by clicking the Preview button and selected one of the invoice layouts. 

If you decide to make changes to your Thirty Bees site such as changing the navigation, or you change your Thirty Bees theme, you can create a new clone. Be default, your most recent clone will be active, but you can activate any of your past clones at any time by clicking the activation toggle switch.

The active clone will always be highlighted and you can see the date / time of the active clone in the Your Own Theme box (above the Preview button).


Now you have completed the following things:

  • The CloudSwipe Payments module is installed and configured in Thirty Bees
  • Your CloudSwipe account is connected to your Thirty Bees website
  • Your secure payment page design looks exactly like your Thirty Bees theme.

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