Updating Your Store Settings

Your store settings provide information about your store and how people access your secure hosted payment page. Here is a quick overview of how to access the store settings and how each setting is used.

Accessing Store Settings

Click the gear icon next to your store name to access your store settings.


Your Store Name may be displayed when you use the Distraction Free Theme. You can choose to not display your store name. For example, if the logo you upload contains your store name, you might not want to also display the store name in text next to the logo.


This is the URL used when you clone your theme. This URL is also used for returning your customers back to your website to view order receipts. It is almost always your domain name (not a specific page of your website). For example, it would look like: http://www.yourstore.com


The timezone effects the dates and times displayed on your invoices and other transactions that may occur on your CloudSwipe account.


The currency setting has two primary purposes. First, it formats the display of the money values on your payment page.  Second,  it sends your selected currency to your payment gateway for processing your payments. You should select the currency of your home location.


You can pick the subdomain used for your secure payment page. The is the URL people will see when they are on your secure payment page, so you may want to set this to your company name. It will be used like this:

https://SUBDOMAIN.cloudswipe.com For example, if you enter yourstore as the subdomain, then your secure hosted payment page will be located at https://yourstore.cloudswipe.com


CloudSwipe needs to know which shopping cart system you are using so it will know how to communicate with your store. Select the shopping cart system you are using such as WooCommerce or PrestaShop.


Select which language you'd like to use both in the CloudSwipe dashboard as well as on your secure hosted payment page.

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