Customizing Distraction Free Theme

There are three ways to customize the Distraction Free Theme to blend in perfectly with your website's theme and your company's brand.

  • Pick a color scheme
  • Set your store name
  • Upload your logo

We'll take a quick look at all three and see how they all work together.

Pick A Color Scheme

We took data from the leading experts on e-commerce optimization and combined that with our own experience working with online stores and created The Distraction Free Theme. The theme's layout is designed to provide a clean, responsive, and focused payment experience that blends professionally with your online store. There are over 15 different color schemes from which to select so that the colors blend well with your company's brand. You can even provide your own CSS for fine-tuning your preferences.

When you navigate to the Payment Page screen in your CloudSwipe dashboard, you will be presented with all the different color schemes. Just activate the color scheme you'd like to use. For example, if you like the Flatly color scheme just click the Activate button for that color scheme.

Customizing Your Payment Page

After selecting the theme you'd like to use, you can further customize the appearance of your payment page by setting your store name, uploading your logo, and even using custom CSS for advanced tweaking.

Setting Your Store Name

If you haven't already, you can set your store name by going to the Store Settings screen. Click the gear icon next to your store name to access your store settings.

Upload Your Logo

To upload your logo, click the Customize button for the activated theme. 

Sometimes your logo will include your whole business name, other times it's just a symbol. Either way is fine. We recommend maximum dimension of 300px wide by 75px high with a transparent background.

You can display both your logo and your store name at the same time. Or, if your logo contains your store name (like in this example), you can hide your store name and just display the logo by itself.

At any time, you can preview your theme with your selected colors, logo, and store name by clicking the Preview button on the Payment Page in the CloudSwipe dashboard.

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