Getting Started With WooCommerce

CloudSwipe provides a PCI compliant, secure hosted payment page that looks exactly like your WooCommerce store. Here's how to set it up.CloudSwipe provides a PCI compliant, secure hosted payment page that looks exactly like your WooCommerce store. Here's how to set it up.

First, download, install, and activate the  CloudSwipe Payments plugin for WooCommerce.

Once installed, enable CloudSwipe checkout and copy / paste the secret key from your CloudSwipe Dashboard into your WooCommerce checkout settings.

You can find your secret key on the Keys screen of your CloudSwipe Dashboard.

Connect Your Website

Click the green Connect Your Website button to connect your WordPress site to CloudSipe.

Enter your Store URL and WooCommerce for your store integration. 

If you ever need to update these settings you can find them in the Store Settings area of your CloudSwipe dashboard. 

Store Settings

There are few store settings to configure in your CloudSwipe account. To access the Store Settings, click the gear icon in the top left corner of your CloudSwipe Dashboard.

Name: This is the name of your store. If you are using one of the available themes, you can choose to show this store name on your secure payment page.

URL: The root URL for your WordPress site. This is probably just your domain name like It is not a link to a specific page on your site. CloudSwipe uses this URL to talk back and forth with your WordPress site during the cloning process as well as the payment process.

Timezone: This is date will be used for the time stamps on your invoices.

Currency: Your WooCommerce site will pass the currency for your orders and override this setting. The currency should be set to your local currency.

Subdomain: Customize the URL for your secure hosted payment page with your own subdomain like

Integration: Select WooCommerce so CloudSwipe will know how to talk to your store.

Language: Select the language you'd like to use for your CloudSwipe dashboard as well as the payment form on your secure hosted payment page.

Theming Your Secure Payment Page

Customize the look of your secure payment page from the  Payment Page screen of your CloudSwipe dashboard. You can use your WordPress theme for your secure hosted payment page or choose from one of the many available themes.

To use your own WordPress theme for your secure payment page activate Your Own Theme.

Once activated, click the Create New Clone button to import your WordPress theme.

NOTE: Before creating your clone, you need to set the URL in your Store Settings to the root URL of your WordPress site. Otherwise, CloudSwipe will not know where your WordPress site is.

Once your clone is finished, you can preview what your secure hosted payment page looks like by clicking the Preview button. 

If there is anything you'd like to tweak, you can add custom CSS or directly edit the HTML for your secure hosted payment page by clicking the Customize button.

Using An Available Theme

We have provided over a dozen different themes designed to be distraction free which will encourage your customers to complete their orders. The distraction free themes may increase your conversion rates by loading really quickly, being responsive to mobile devices, and not providing other links and information that would distract your buyers from completing their orders.

To use one of the available themes, simple activate the one that has the colors you like.

Once you have activated a theme, you can further customize your payment page by:

  • Showing your store name
  • Adding your company logo
  • Adding custom CSS to further customize the design and layout

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